Günlük Hayatta Çok Daha Doğal Bir İngilizce Konuşmanızı Sağlayacak Kelime Grupları

Grameri oturtsanız bile günlük hayatta Türkçe konuştuğunuz gibi İngilizce konuşmak zor bir mesele. İşte ana dilinize daha yakın şekilde İngilizce konuşmanızı sağlayacak birkaç kelime ve cümle önerileri.
Günlük Hayatta Çok Daha Doğal Bir İngilizce Konuşmanızı Sağlayacak Kelime Grupları

öncelikle daha doğal bir ingilizce konuşmanıza yarayacak birkaç kalıptan bahsetmek istiyorum

my mistake => my bad
i agree => same here
no problem => no biggie.
i understand => i get it.
relax => chill
what a disappointment => what a bummer!

birine "how are you" demek yerine aşağıdaki kalıpları kullanabilirsiniz

=> what's up?
=> sup?
=> what's new?
=> what's sizzling?
=> what's up buttercup?
=> whatcha doing?

i think yerine

=> in my opinion, she should get the promotion.
=> i strongly believe you make your own luck.
=> i would say it is better than nothing.
=> it's my belief that nuclear weapons are immoral.
=> if you ask me it's just an excuse for laziness.
=> as far as i can tell, he is a nice guy.
=> as far as i am concerned, family comes first.
=> it seems to me this is the right place to be today.

i am busy yerine

=> i’m a little -tied up- with this new project.
=> she’s a bit -occupied- today dealing with new staff.
=> they’ve been completely -swamped- with new customers this week.
=> he’s been -snowed under- with complaints.
=> this week will be so hectic as i have a lot -on my plate-.

i don't know yerine

=> i have no idea.
=> it's beyond me.
=> i don't have an answer for that.
=> i ain't got a clue.
=> i dunno.
=> i was wondering that myself.
=> beats me.

i am sorry yerine

polite (nazik):
=> my apologies
=> pardon me.
=> excuse me.
=> ı beg your pardon.

=> my bad.
=> whoops!
=> my fault.

birine nazik bir şekilde no demek için

=> that's very tempting but, i already have plans for tonight.
=> i can't this time, thank you though.
=> i'll pass this time.
=> that's really kind of you, but i feel a bit under the weather.
=> i appreciate the offer, but i need to study for exams.

the party last night was a lot of fun. => the party last night was lit.
you're stupid. =>you're not the sharpest tool in the shed.
i'll take some time to think about it. => i'll sleep on it.
you're annoying. => you're pain in the neck.
you're crazy. => you're nuts.
you're crazy. => you've got a screw loose.
i'm very scared of dogs => i'm petrified of dogs.
marry did really well in the interview => marry slayed the interview.
i didn't understand => i didn't catch on.
that test was very simple. => that test was basic.
it's hilarious or ıt's really funny. => i'm dead.
bob's a relax guy => bob's a chill guy or bob is so laid back.
i'm confused => i'm puzzled.

you're welcome yerine

=> my pleasure.
=> happy to help.
=> don't mention it.
=> it was nothing.

=> glad to be of any assistance.
=> it's no bother.
=> by all means.

good job yerine

=> good thinking.
=> way to go!
=> nice going.
=> you make it look easy.
=> you've got that down pat.

i want yerine

=> i feel like going out tonight.
=> i really fancy a drink this evening.
=> i'm up for traveling to europe this summer.
=> i'd like to apply for the job.
=> i'm in the mood for dancing.

what's your profession? yerine

=> what do you do for a living?
=> do you have a job?
=> where do you work?

i like yerine

=> i fancy iceskating.
=> i'm keen on modern painters.
=> i'm fond of horses.

break down yaygın bir phrasal verb

=> our car broke down, we had to push it off the road. (bir şeyin bozulması: araba, tv...)
=> when we gave her the bad news, she broke down and cried. (üzülmek, moralinin bozulması)

to relax yerine

=> take your skis off and have a breather.
=> i need to recharge my batteries.

talk ile ilgili birkaç güzel kalıp

=> even at a party, they have to talk shop. (iş saati dışında, bir etkinlikte örneğin birilerinin iş konuşması. diğerlerinin de bundan genellikle sıkılması.)
=> he talked in riddle about his unpredictable absences of the past months. (bilmece gibi konuşmak, bir şeyleri saklıyor gibi, anlaşılması güç.)
=> when it comes to looking for a job, she's all talk no action. (laf çok icraat yok.)

making complaints

=> i'm having problems with some websites when ı use firefox.
=> i think there is a problem with sending or receiving emails.
=> i am afraid it's not good enough for small businesses to stay afloat.

to lose temper: deliye dönmek, çok sinirlenmek

=> he's always pain in the neck in the meetings, so i'm afraid of losing my temper.

to get cold feet: bir şeyi yapmaktan son anda çekinmek, vazgeçmek.

=> i was going to try bungee jumping, but i got cold feet.
=> she got cold feet at the last moment, and she called off the wedding.

i agree yerine

=> absolutely.
=> that's right.
=> same here.
=> exactly.
=> agreed.
=> yep

ask ile ilgili phrasal verb'ler

=> she has asked him out to the cinema this evening. (date, çıkalım demek)
=> if you ask around, i'm sure someone there can give you directions to the museum. (insanlardan yardım istemek, onlara sorular sorup yardım/bilgi almak.)
=> he's always reluctant to ask for anyone's help. (istemek, talep etmek)

to be thrilled to bits: çok mutlu olmak, sevinçten deliye dönmek.

=> i'm thrilled to bits to have won the cash.
=> i'm thrilled to bits to get the job.

to be on edge: diken üstünde olmak, çok gergin olmak

=> sorry for shouting, i am a bit on the edge today.

to ghost someone

örneğin bir kızla yazışırsın ama bir anda mesajlara cevap vermemeye başlar. 'ghosted' olmuş olursunuz, görmezden gelinmek.

=> she used to be my bf, but she completely ghosted me.

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