İngilizce Bir Seminerde Konuşma Yaparken İşinize Çok Yarayacak Cümle Kalıpları

İngilizce bir seminer veya çalıştay (workshop) yürütürken, böyle bir ortamda konuşma yapmanız halinde hayat kurtarabilecek klasik kalıpları paylaşıyoruz.

bir semineri/çalıştayı tümden ya da kısmen yönetmek durumunda kalırsanız aşağıdaki kalıplar size yardımcı olacaktır.

açılış konuşması / opening speech

> “yes, ladies, gentlemen, good morning, i would like to warmly welcome you all on behalf of the organization committee.”

> “thank you very much for having me here today. i was really pleased when i was asked if i would chair this session (or the workshop) i would like to introduce myself very briefly and welcome you here…”

> “my name is x” and then give your brief (about 75 words) biographical information (bio).

> “first of all, before we start i would like to state the purpose of the workshop. the aim of this workshop is” and then state the purpose briefly (with one or two sentence).

> “in the workshop there will be 5 sessions consisting of presentations. there will be time at the end of each presentation for any questions or comments you may have.”

> “we have a very tight schedule today so let’s get started” or “you can see from the programme that we have a lot to get through today.

> “before we start i’d like to remind speakers that they have a maximum of 15 minutes for their presentation with at least 5 minutes allocated for questions and clarifications at the end. the first item on today's agenda, we have [put the name of first session here].”

konuşmacıyı tanıtırken / introduce presenter to audiences by saying

> “ladies and gentlemen, it gives me great pleasure to introduce (our first speaker for this session) mr. x from abc organization”

> “ladies and gentlemen, i’d like to welcome mr. x from abc organization, who will speak on [name of the presentation]. mr. bilal kurban is [put the bio of the presenter which has already collected before]”.

> “it is my pleasure to introduce ms. [put a lady name here] from abc who will chair the session”

> “i’m delighted to introduce…”

konuşmacıya teşekkür ederken / acknowledge the presenter by saying that

> “on behalf of everyone here i would like to thank…”

> “thank you very much.”

> “thank you for your stimulating speech.”

> “thank you very much for this remarkable presentation.”

> “on behalf of everyone here i would like to thank mr. x and the presenters for this interesting session.”

> “i would like to thank you for being a remarkable keynote speaker.”

> “i would like to thank you for this interesting presentation.”

> “i would like to express our appreciation of your interesting presentation.”

> “thank you again, mr./ms. …, for this enlightening presentation.”

konuşmacıya zaman kısıtını hatırlatırken / when reminding the speaker of the time limit, say that

> “i´m sorry to interrupt you, but due to our tight schedule today speakers must stick to only 15 minutes.”

> “i´m sorry to interrupt you, but you´ve just 3 minutes left to finish your presentation.”

> “sorry, but you´ve got only 3 minutes left.”

> “can you please come to your conclusion?”

> “your time is up; i must ask you to stop.”

encourage the audience to delay any questions for private conversations with the speakers.

> “we have time for two more questions.”

> “last question.”

> if some attendees did not get a chance to ask their questions, encourage them to talk to the speaker after the session.

> “we need to give other attendees a chance to ask questions, too.”

soru ve cevap bölümünde / when giving opportunity for q&a session or when opening the discussion

> i am opening the discussion. is there anyone who would like to ask questions or make any comments on the topic/some of the points?

> “i am sure that after this stimulating presentation participants would like to ask some questions or comment on some of the points the speaker made.”

> “now you can ask questions or make comments if you have.”

when encouraging participants to ask questions, say:

> “as nobody seems to be ready to ask a question at the moment, i´ll use this opportunity to ask the speaker if/why/how …”

> “i think we need to break the ice. i have a question i´d like to ask. [put a question here]”
when asking for any more questions or comments of audiences, say

> “do you have any more questions or comments?”

> “is there anyone else who wants to ask questions or make comments?”

> “now, i will move on to a new question.”

geçişlerde / in transitions

> “ok, now let’s move on to the welcome/opening speech”

> “now it is time we have…”

> [after lunch] “i think we'll get started. yes, ladies, gentlemen, good afternoon! now it is time to move on to the invited presentation”

> “now let’s move on to the next item on the agenda. i’m delighted to introduce the keynote speaker…”

> “let’s move on to the next presentation”

> “let's transition to our next presentation of the session. our next speaker is…”

> “our next speaker is…”

oturumu özetlerken / give a roundup of the session, say

> “we had a really great session on the topic of [put the topic name here]. i would like to thank again our speakers for their very interesting and stimulating contributions and the participants for the valuable following discussion.”

> “let me summarize what we have talked about…”.

duyuru yaparken / make announcements by saying

> “now we will have a coffee break and then get back here again at 10:50 at the latest.”

> “i would like to remind you that we’ll come back here again at 12:40 for presenting the discussion results.”

> “now we have a lunch break and we’ll meet here again at 2 o’clock at the latest. enjoy your lunch!”

> “here i would like to mention that mr. x from abc was co-organizer but unfortunately he could not join us.”

> “ladies and gentlemen, could i have your attention for a moment?”

> “we have made some changes to the programme”

> “just a reminder to everybody that…”

> “i would also like to bring your attention to a change in the…”

sözü başka birine vereceğin zaman / when giving floor to someone say

> “before moving on to the next item on the agenda, i'll now hand over the floor to mr. x who will address some housekeeping issues. x,”

> “now i´d like to hand over to mr. x.”

özel sohbetlerde, kahve aralarında vs. kendinden bahsederken / hot topics for small talks, say food and drink

> [when asking] “what kind of food do you like?”

> [when replying] “i really like mushrooms and my favorite dish is mushrooms with soy sauce. it is very tasty.”

> [when ordering] “i would like to have a small/medium/large filter coffee (or espresso), please.”

> “i prefer either filter coffee or espresso. i don’t like americano because it is espresso diluted with water and whenever i drink it i feel the taste of water. i don’t like creamy or flavored coffees either because they have too much calories in them.”

hobbies and interests

> [when asking] “what do you like doing?” or “what sort of hobbies do you have?”

> [when replying] “i like having picnic with my family. it gets us out of the house.

> “i am keen on bicycles because cycling is a lot of fun and it keeps me fit.”

> “i enjoy reading novels about henry viii of england and his wives, it is so interesting.”

kapsanış ve veda / when closing the day say

> “i think we've covered our primary objectives for today. in today’s meeting we have discussed ….”

> “that's all for today. i'd like to thank everyone for coming today.”

when closing the workshop say,

> if no one has anything else to add it looks like we've run out of time, so i guess we'll finish here. i think we've covered everything on the list. thank you very much for making the time in your schedule for this meeting.